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Let’s make what feels impossible, possible.

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Embracing The Pain is here to help you build a solid foundation that sets you up with the strategies, skills, tools, resources & support so you can embrace your pain & make peace with your pain, body, mind & life changes.
Working together to find intuitive ways to not only manage your chronic illness and pain but to learn how to work with your illness, pain, & challenges, enabling you to reclaim aspects of yourself you didn't think possible. 
We will also focus on ways to incorporate wellness & healing where possible, with a significant emphasis on guiding you through the many transitions that come with living with a complex condition & pain. 

Are you Ready to Embrace your Pain so you can get back to Living instead of Surviving?

  • If you are fed up and tired of being stuck on a hamster wheel and you believe that there has to be a better way to live your life despite your challenges, pain, condition & symptoms.


  • If you struggle to recognize your exhausted, and painfilled self when looking in the mirror and you stay awake at night wondering how you are going to wake up tomorrow and do it all again.


  • If you are desperate to find a way to live your life so you can feel empowered & confident instead of anxious & at the mercy of your pain, condition & struggles.

Is Embracing the Pain for you?

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More about Embracing The Pain

" There is beauty among the broken pieces." - Amanda

I am Amanda and I have walked in those exhausted yet determined shoes. In fact, I still do, but there have been some major changes. Back in 2017, I became determined to make what felt impossible in my life with chronic illnesses and pain, possible.


Like you,  I didn't know where to start. It became my mission to find & create ways to manage my pain, navigate my daily challenges & learn how to promote more healing in my life with eight chronic illnesses & pain. 


Out of my determination, hard work & inner soul searching I developed several models that I now use to help hundreds of men and women create transformation, wellness, and a new way of living with chronic illness and pain.


Client Testimonials

melissa, one of Amanda's clients giving a testimonial of how great & life changing working with ETP

"When Amanda came into my life, it was exactly what I needed. I needed to learn how to accept my chronic illnesses and advocate for myself with confidence from someone who has experience.


Not only did Amanda help me build my confidence, I slowly started to accept my situation. Amanda taught me strategies, tools & skills that enabled me to embrace my pain.


 Amanda also encouraged me to  find ways to coexist with chronic pain & illness. As Amanda says, to make wellness with illness more possible!"


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 "Every session with Amanda is a bright spot in my day. In our sessions, Amanda truly understood my experiences and feelings, making me feel fully supported and ready to face my obstacles of the week. She has been giving me the tools and strategies to face my illnesses and has actively helped me through the worst of my experiences.


I worked with a team of doctors, and I found that I needed someone who understood the complexity of living with chronic illness and how to wade through learning to live a new life I never expected to live.


Amanda is the best addition to my health team I could have made; she is incredibly kind, caring, professional, and trustworthy and has made a huge impact on my life, recovery, and inner healing journey to making my wellness with illness possible. Thanks, Amanda"

- Dannie


"I have been working with Amanda one on one for several months. She is lovely and intelligent beyond her years. She understands what I am going through and is always patient with me.


She is always prepared to help me with issues before our sessions & speak about my problems from an educated point of view. She is truly professional and knowledgeable. She has helped me understand my medications, so I no longer have shame around taking them. 

She has also helped me organize my home as my reduced mobility has made that problematic; now that I am organized & I feel ready to move forward. She is a treasure!


We have been working together to help me quit smoking & I have cut my smoking in half. My lungs are already thanking her. I no longer feel paralyzed, and I am moving in the right direction.

I look forward to our sessions. If I am down, Amanda picks me up! After our session, I am pumped and ready to take the following steps towards my goals."

- Bill

There are 3 Ways We can Work Together

If you are ready to feel empowered, encouraged, and confident again, today is your opportunity to get one on one support and create a new life your way.


I will meet you where you are & I will be with you every step of the way!

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Begin Embracing your Pain Today!

The first step to working with embracing the pain

Step One

 Book your free one hour, one on one Session.


This session is where we discuss your goals, your struggles, assess where you are now & where you desire to be.


We will also decide whether working together is the best step for both of us moving forward.


No pressure or sales tactics here at Embracing the Pain.

The second step to working with embracing the pain, a session where we create a custom plan

Step Two

We book our first coaching or consulting one on one session. YAY!!!

This session is where we create a custom care plan for you.

This is where we evaluate the best next steps & prioritize your deepest desires. Again no cookie-cutter solutions here, this plan will be completely customized to meet your needs & to support you on your journey.

Step 3 we finalize the care plan & begin to meet regularly to coach & consult

Step Three

Once we finalize our custom care plan for you, we begin to meet weekly, or whatever frequency works best for you.

All from the comfort of your bed if required.

This is where the fun & to be honest the commitment & hard work begin.


From my client's experience where the life changes, mindset shifts, and embracing your pain, starts to feel more reachable.

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