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Chronic Illness, Pain & Trauma Coaching!

Are you ready to live your best life with chronic illness, pain or trauma? Let's work together!


I am so glad you are here!

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me! I am incredibly passionate about helping chronic illness, pain & trauma warriors live their best life, make wellness with illness & pain possible, and help you embrace your pain.

My private coaching and mentorship give you in-depth personalized support, my undivided guidance and the care you deserve. Through my private coaching & mentorship, you will receive the exclusive tools & strategies that I use to manage my eight chronic conditions, pain & trauma.


Paired with ongoing support between sessions, a deep understanding of how difficult managing, navigating & thriving with chronic conditions, pain & trauma can be. You will always be welcomed with a safe space to be yourself, without fear of judgment. Let's make what feels impossible today, possible, one session at a time.  


Embracing The Pain Coaching & Mentorship

Whether you are a seasoned warrior or have been recently diagnosed Embracing The Pain coaching is for you. From exclusive tools, customized support, help to implement strategies, between-session support & coaching from the comfort of your home I have you covered. Let's do this, together. 


No one size fits all approch. We are all unique, with different illnesses, experiences, pain & challenges.

So, in our time together, I am committed to creating a plan with you that has you & your unique needs in mind.

Each session is client-led, meaning that we work with you & on what you need in that session while keeping awareness of your goals.


 One on one clients get full access to my exclusive methods, not available anywhere else.

Better than that I help and support you while you learn &  implement each method in your life with illness, pain & trauma.

My ASSESS method has helped me & my clients so much. They are life-changing on their own, but put into practice they make what feels impossible, possible.

Exclusive Tools

I understand that one session a week is great & beneficial. However, to help you as much as possible, I offer in-between session support. 

I make myself available so you can message, email or call me if you need to. 

I also do offer emergency sessions if you happen to need immediate  support, coaching & guidance through a difficult transition or challenge.

Between Session Support

Our Coaching & Mentorship May Include

  • Slowly but surely, go from acknowledging your pain, illness, symptoms, trauma & life changes to accepting them. One of the biggest and hardest but critical steps to changing the narrative you tell yourself so you can begin the journey of transformation & restoration.


  • You will learn how to become physically & mentally aware so that when unforeseen changes or symptoms come, you have the awareness & tools to work through your fears & end the self-judgement & shame cycle for good.


  • Embracing your current pain, circumstances, illness, & unhealed trauma so that it no longer defines who you are or holds you back from whom you CAN and WANT to be.

use heat and tea to manage pain and illness
Chronic illness, pain & trauma coach & mentorship, healing
  • Embracing your pain becomes the foundation that enables you to discover who you are aside from your challenges, who you want to become and helps you shift your thoughts, feelings and life in the direction you desire. While still working within your capability and honouring your health & wellness.

  • Learn how to set healthy & supportive boundaries with loved ones or friends who may not yet fully understand your challenges & pain, allowing you to find your voice and advocate for your care & treatment.


  • Creating a safe space for you to share your challenges, fears, pain & struggles. Knowing where you are while having the support to continue implementing the strategies and tools learnt so you can navigate through the ups and downs that come with illness, pain & unhealed trauma long after our work together is done.

Does any of this excite you? I am delighted to see you implement change & create a life you love while prioritizing & working with your chronic conditions, pain & trauma.

It's time for you to put yourself first & receive the support you desire & deserve!

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What Clients Say

If you are interested in having someone to talk to who truly understands, has amazing compassion and is super knowledgeable, I personally recommend Amanda Grabb. She helped me after ALL of these years learn how to feel human again by embracing the pain. She taught me a brand new way of looking at my conditions and my life living with chronic illness and pain. I will forever appreciate her. I love you, Amanda. 


That's exactly why I would recommend you to anyone.  You truly listen and THAT MEANS EVERYTHING. Amanda, you are such a Blessing to the world. Keep shining that Light. Much love, gentle hugs and many prayers to you.