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Embracing The Pain

Making Wellness with Illness Possible, One day at a Time

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Amanda, the coach, sitting with her laptop smiling, excited to help those with chronic pain, illness

 I am Amanda, a chronic illness & pain coach & consultant. I help women & men with chronic illness & pain make wellness with illness possible, one day at a time, without cookie-cutter methods or further compromising your symptoms, pain, time or energy. All from the comfort of your home, even from your bed if necessary.

Embracing the pain, providing support and wellness to those with Chronic Illness & Pain.

Are you exhausted from surviving your life with chronic illness & pain? Wondering how you can possibly thrive? Do you stay awake at night worried that you are going to be stuck in what feels like a never-ending hamster wheel? Do you struggle with believing you can live a life that you love, let alone, like? Are you tried of feeling defeated, exhausted and overwhelmed by your ever-changing symptoms & pain levels?


What if I told you that you could make wellness with illness and pain co-exist, without cookie-cutter methods, all while not further compromising your symptoms, pain, time, energy or budget? Imagine if you could begin to feel like you have a say in your life despite all of the struggles that come with your illness and pain.


Imagine not having to use up the limited energy you have to get dressed & ready to leave for yet another appointment that only leads to more questions than answers.


Imagine getting the one-on-one support you so deeply desire from someone who has and continues to experience eight chronic illness & pain, who truly understands what you are going through.


Imagine the feeling of finally being able to embrace your pain, instead of fighting it. Imagine slowly but surely being able to accept, embrace, and rediscovery who you are now, and so much more.

Amanda, holding a cup of tea, with a heating pad on her tummy, managing chronic pain
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Here's How!


With my acronyms like ASSESS, & other methods you can begin to make what feels impossible now, possible, one day at a time. You can begin to embrace your pain, manage your symptoms, get to the point in your journey when unforeseen circumstances or symptom changes happen you have the coping skills to handle them, without putting yourself into a flare.


If this sounds like you, if you are ready to make wellness with illness possible, embrace your pain, all while receiving one on one support please don't wait another day.


Start today by booking your free 1 hour session with me today. Let's begin the journey of making something beautiful out of what feels like a million broken pieces.


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More about Embracing The Pain

Reclaim your life with illness, pain & trauma

With access to my acronyms, 14 years of experience navigating, managing & adapting my life with eight chronic illnesses, you can begin to make what feels impossible now, possible, one day at a time. Our services were created with you in mind. Having your life consist of surviving, hoping & praying things will improve has ended.

Join me below to begin your journey to embracing your pain. 

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Begin Embracing your Pain Today!

The first step to working with embracing the pain

Step One

 Book your free one hour, one on one Session.


This session is where we discuss your goals, your struggles, assess where you are now & where you desire to be.


We will also decide whether working together is the best step for both of us moving forward.


No pressure or sales tactics here at Embracing the Pain.

The second step to working with embracing the pain, a session where we create a custom plan

Step Two

We book our first coaching or consulting one on one session. YAY!!!

This session is where we create a custom care plan for you.

This is where we evaluate the best next steps & prioritize your deepest desires. Again no cookie-cutter solutions here, this plan will be completely customized to meet your needs & to support you on your journey to making wellness with illness possible, among other things.

Step 3 we finalize the care plan & begin to meet regularly to coach & consult

Step Three

Once we finalize our custom care plan for you, we begin to meet weekly, or whatever frequency works best for you.

This is where the fun & to be honest the commitment & hard work begin.


From my client's experience where the life changes, mindset shifts, and making wellness with illness, starts to feel more reachable.

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