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Embracing The Pain Podcast

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Making Wellness with Illness & Pain Possible, One Episode at a Time

While listening to the Embracing The Pain podcast, you will find a safe space to feel seen, heard, receive encouragement & support.

My mission is to empower you with exclusive tools I have created to ditch the fear, discouragement, and hopelessness and start living a better quality of life.

I am using my life experience with eight chronic illnesses, pain and trauma to support you in managing, navigating and becoming confident to move forward despite your condition and pain—one episode at a time.


If you are ready to go from surviving, exhausted, and hopeless to empowered,  Embracing The Pain's podcast is yours for the taking.


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Download your FREE 2022 Holiday Planner & Workbook

Are you ready to have the BEST Holiday with chronic illness, pain & trauma??

If, YES, You are in the right place.

Embracing The Pain's Podcast mission & goal of season two is to help you have your BEST Holiday & New Year yet, without further compromising your health. 

Begin planning your holiday with intention & mindfulness. 

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Begin Planning the 2022 Holiday Now!

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